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Footwear has been a part of daily life for thousands of years and yet there are still many people in this day and age, who don’t even have a single pair of shoes to call their own.There is not one day that goes by without someone in the western world putting on a nice pair of shoes. Some people change their shoes up to three times a day. They have closets full with dozens upon dozens of shoes ranging from boots, sneakers, sandals and slippers; spoiled for choice with shoes for every occasion and every season. All this is in stark contrast to the men, women and children in many parts of Africa who go for days, weeks, months, years or even their lifetimes without owning a single pair of shoes. This seriously hinders development in these areas and many of these people struggle to complete their daily tasks, suffering from dealing with extreme temperatures on their bare feet.

The Shoe Aid Project is a shoe donation project which aims to motivate those who are fortunate enough to have pairs of shoes which they no longer need into donating them to people in Africa. Please take this opportunity to donate shoes in order to make other people enjoy sports, walks, work, studies and dancing; give those less fortunate people the chance to enjoy and take for granted all the things we enjoy and take for granted each and every day.
All yours donations are highly welcome and will be greatly appreciated!