#Converse Record Cover: The Leftovers – Stop Drop Rock N Roll (2007)

Converse Record Cover: The Leftovers – Stop Drop Rock N Roll (2007)

The Leftovers - Stop Drop Rock N Roll (2007)

The Leftovers – Stop Drop Rock N Roll (2007)

The tracklist:
1. Stop Drop Rock N Roll
2. New Rock Alternative
3. What It Means
4. Maybe Next Year
5. Holding Me Back
6. Too Bad
7. True Love Casualty
8. Amy
9. Wearing Thin
10. Eliza
11. Control Me

Delivering hot-wired pop-punk with sharp melodic hooks and enough energy to power a fleet of 18-wheelers, the Leftovers hail from Portland, ME, and consist of Kurt Baker on bass and lead vocals, Andrew Rice on guitar and backing vocals, and Adam Woronoff on drums. Formed in 2002, the Leftovers made their recording debut in 2003 with an EP titled Mitton Street Special. A year later, the band released their first full album, Stop Drop Rock N Roll. Cheapskate Records joined forces with the band for their second long-player, 2006’sParty Tonight, while Rally Records issued a three-song 7″ the same year, Steppin‘ on My Heart. The band toured both the United States and the United Kingdom in 2006, earning rave reviews from the likes of Ben Weasel and Larry Livermore, and in early 2007 the band went into Smart Studios in Madison, WI, to begin work on album number three. On the Move was subsequently released that June

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