#Converse – 10 Teile Tutorial: creative shoe lacings Teil 1

Tutorial: creative shoe lacings:

Tutorial: creative shoe lacings

Tutorial: creative shoe lacings

If you ever see me on a run-around day, most of the time I’ll be sportin‘ my converse. Why? because they’re the most comfortable shoes I have and the easiest to just throw on and rush here or there. Sometimes though I wanna change things up a bit more than just the particular pair, so I’ll put on some colorful laces and/or do some creative lacing!

Today I’m going to show you 10 different ways to lace up your favorite pair, whatever they may be, because we all own at least one right? And who doesn’t want a fun and creative way to switch things up a bit now and than? So now here’s your chance!
I came up with the brilliant idea (in my humble opinion) to tie two different colored laces together so you can see exactly where each lace is headed!
Remember to always start where the knot is, good luck and have fun!

#1. Loopback: this one is really unique, and I was surprised to see how cool it looked with the different colored laces! Its also really easy to do.

via: freckled-fox.com