#Converse Chuck Taylor All Star aus über 1000 Dosen

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Aus über 1000 Dosen gebaut!

Wow - Converse Chucks aus Dosen

Wow – Converse Chucks aus Dosen

We’re always looking for something weird and fun to do indoors on the weekend. There’s no shortage of weird and fun things to do in this town, but rare is the weird, fun thing also simultaneously a terrific charity event. One such affair on our agenda this particular weekend is the 20th annual Canstruction competition down at the World Financial Center. Here’s the deal: it’s a contest where 25 leading architecture, engineering, and design firms are enlisted to transform more than 100,000 unopened cans of food into larger-than-life pop art masterpieces like this one.

Via: http://ontherealny.com/tag/converse/