#Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Converse Hickies Shoelaces

Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Hickies Shoelaces

Hickies Shoelaces

Hickies Shoelaces

“Laces out, HICKIES in!”

  • HICKIES elastic lacing system turns sneakers into slip-ons
  • Made of a special blend of elastic copolymers that stretch to accommodate any size shoe
  • Loosen and contract with the movement of your foot for a comfortable, secure fit
  • Return to original size for use with multiple pairs of shoes
  • Customize your shoes with 16 color combinations
  • Each pack comes with 14 Hickies and 2 bonus HICKIES in a surprise color (That’s enough to fully lace two shoes!*)
  • HICKIES App available for iPod touch, iPhone or iPad devices, as well as Android devices
  • Measure approximately 4.5″ long

*Most shoes have 6-7 eyelets

No more bows. No more knots. No more tying and untying.
Laces out, HICKIES in! Ditch the laces and turn your favorite sneakers into slip-ons. This groundbreaking lacing system replaces traditional shoelaces with colorful, fashion-forward bands so you never have to tie or untie your shoes again! As long as your sneakers have eyelets, HICKIES will work.

One size fits all.
HICKIES are made from a specially designed compound of elastic copolymers that took several years to develop. The patented combination means that Hickies will stretch to accommodate any sized footwear, return to their original size so you can wear them with multiple pairs of shoes and loosen and contract with the movement of your foot. This ensures your shoes are secure and comfortable—but not too tight. Running a marathon? Lace your sneakers with HICKIES! The flexible material keeps your shoes secure during high-impact activities, too.

Go bold. Go retro. Go sporty.
HICKIES work on all sorts of shoes and with 16 color combinations you can mix and match HICKIES to customize your style again and again. Want to see how your favorite sneakers will look before you lace? Download the free HICKIES App (for iPod touch, iPhone and iPad devices, as well as Android devices).

Lose the bow and slip into HICKIES. They’re the perfect solution for you shoes, both in terms of function and fashion. Order yours from Brookstone today!

gesehen bei: http://www.hickies.com